Training Resources Guide

If you are new to scouting or someone who’s been volunteering for a while,

we hope these pages will help guide you through The Scout Association’s (TSA) volunteer training scheme.


There are ten Scout Groups in East Devon and our volunteers provide activities and adventures for nearly 800 young people aged 6– 18 yrs. This involves time, energy and enthusiasm. THANK YOU for everything you do for scouting - it is very much appreciated.


We aim to support our volunteers by offering you ways to develop your skills and experience

so that being part of scouting is a fun, safe and rewarding thing for you to do, as well as providing fantastic opportunities for young people.

The TSA website has lots of materials for learners:,223&moduleID=10


  • To make things a bit easier to find, the pages in this pack aim to pick out some of the key materials – online modules, workbooks and so on.

  • Queries – please get in touch with your Group Training Advisor (TA) or our East Devon District Local Training Manager (LTM). If they don’t know the answer, they will ask for help from the Devon County Training Team.

Information derived from "Scout Training Resources Nov(2)2020" document.

This pack was last updated on 19/05/2021.

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